February 25, 2009

Last month, I told you about Greyley getting migraines. Well, you must have taken me up on the prayer request. She has been doing so much better. I think she’s had two headaches since I wrote about it. One was a symptom of tonsillitis, and neither headache went fully into the whole awful cycle. Thank God!

I talked a little about how we’ve changed our diet the last several years. When we were told to give her anti-seizure medication every day, with hair falling out as a side effect, I knew I had to at least look into trying a change in diet. We did drastic changes, not knowing what to expect.

It has been a huge blessing because it HAS helped, but it has also been extremely challenging. I’m praying for the day where we can still eat healthy, but where it won’t be a big deal if we get something that isn’t the best. An occasional cheat at a birthday party shouldn’t be a big deal.

In all of this, it has really bugged me to find out more about what is really in things. I won’t go into all of it~ I don’t want to mess you up when you go to eat all that junk…but there is one that I do want to talk about today.

MSG. Monosodium glutamate~ a food additive and flavor enhancer. It’s a toxic little enhancer, that’s what. While it has typically been thought of as something that is primarily in Chinese food, it is in MANY more foods. Here are some that might shock you: chicken broth, potato AND tortilla chips, barbeque sauce, ice cream, and salad dressings. Of course, there are the obvious foods that have it: fast food and processed foods.

There are also other names for “hidden MSG”~ Calcium Caseinate, Carrageenan, Hydrolyzed Protein, Modified Food Starch, Sodium Caseinate, Textured protein, and Yeast extract. Accent Seasoning and Spike are MSG.

It’s basically in everything. When you think about it being in chicken broth, for Pete’s sakes, you realize it’s everywhere.

Forty years ago, it wasn’t everywhere. It’s probable that the increase of MSG and processed foods (which go hand in hand) has contributed greatly to the rise of obesity and health issues in our country.

In finding out that it really affects Greyley with migraines, I feel it did our family a favor to cut as much as we could out of our diet. We all feel better. And believe me, we all feel it when we “cheat.” Not good.

It’s tricky, though. There are a couple of things that just DO NOT taste the same without MSG. This is actually ONE of my main reasons for writing this post…besides just wanting more people to avoid something that’s not good for you. I’d really like to know if any of you have recipes that are MSG-free for a couple of things.

Ranch dressing…I have tried every organic Ranch dressing and it is very vinegar-y. Yuck. I have nothing against vinegar, but I want my Ranch to taste like Ranch!

Actually all the dressings are not quite right, now that I think about it. Hmm…

Barbeque Sauce…again with the strong vinegar taste!

Alternative for Onion Soup Mix~ I used this in making roasts, meatloaf, etc…Any ideas on how to get that taste without the MSG?

It takes a bit of work to cut out these things…they’re convenient~ they’re everywhere! But it’s worth it. You’ll feel better. MSG makes you eat more; it’s addicting…it’s EVIL! Mwuahahaha!!!

Let me know if you have any good recipes!

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11 Responses to “Toxic”

  1. Matt says:

    “It’s tricky, though. There are a couple of things that just DO NOT taste the same without MSG.”

    I disagree. While that might be an ignorant statement… Make your own Ranch dressing from scratch (I see Bree rolling her eyes now). Seriously. I’m big into making things from scratch, have been for a while, just because it feels great to know what you actually put into the food. I didn’t know MSG had many other ‘names’ but it helps to know. Chicken stock is nearly one of the worlds easiest things to do, and with your canning skills – you’re set. In fact, we should have a chicken/beef stock making day. Play cards. Make chicken stock. So many uses.

    I tried to make fresh mozzarella and failed. But I’ll try again, and I even have a new technique.


  2. Girly Muse says:

    i’m fine with making from scratch. i make tons from scratch. my point is: please pass along the recipe for this ranch dressing that tastes just as good!!! 🙂

  3. Anonymous says:

    After perusing your blog and consulting with the most brilliant minds I know (Mike Taylor and James Owens etc.), we all arrived at the same conclusion. Maybe it’s not what you’re taking out of Greyley and Indigo’s diet…but what you should be putting in.
    The noted Austrian Doctor Friedrich Bischiinger says “Modern medicine is constantly trying to do the same thing (boost immune system) through complicated methods. People (or kids – yours) who pick their noses and eat it get an instant boost to their immune system for free.” Look, free the fingers of Indigo and Greyley and let’s see what happens….God’s a healer!

  4. Marisa says:

    Ok, that’s very interesting. … well, I don’t have any recipes to share with you re:MSG. But what I do know that anything with Aspartame gives me an instant migraine. I’m sure that’s something that you cut out a long time ago – for me it’s more difficult because I am a recovering Diet Coke addict. However, I’ve have built up such an intolerance to it that it literally takes me only 2 or 3 sips of the stuff and I am very ill. It’s difficult to find gum, yogurt, sometimes even some fruit drinks have this nasty little faker in it. I try to use honey whenever possible or just plain old fashioned sugar. But it’s definitely toxic, because I’ll still be feeling the effects 48 hours later. But seriously the aspartame, the MSG, red dye and trans fats are an amazing start to a wholesome diet.
    I’m trying to think more “long term” when it comes to the foods we choose to eat – but it’s not always the easy choice.
    So glad things have been better for Greyley! You’re such a great Mama…

  5. Anonymous says:

    Lori Mercola!!!!

    Nice read!


  6. I heard a radio program about flavor enhancers once, and it scared the you-know-what out of me. It said that many of these chemicals change your BRAIN to make you think the food tastes a certain way.

    I hate that all this stuff is in our food, not to mention all the other crap in our enviroment. I read another article linking obesity to some plastics, because of the estrogen effect is has on people. And once a person’s body is affected, they actually pass it on to their kids.

    Soooo scary.

    No, I don’t have any recipes. I just wanted to scare you more. lol

    I’m not very helpful.

  7. Maiya says:

    We eat MOSTLY organic food and the rest we try to stay away from MSG, aspartame (and the like), high fructose corn syrup, hydrogenated oils, etc. So basically we don’t eat! Just kidding! :o)
    But as far as the onion soup mix, I have gotten one from the health food store and I believe it’s by Fantastic Foods…sans MSG.

  8. Matt says:

    so if i go to whole foods… will msg be present there? or do they not go that far as to inspect the ingredients of the food sold there?

  9. Girly Muse says:

    and i stand corrected on hydrolyzed protein.

    thanks so much, everyone, for your tips!

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