Not Diggin’ the Buttons

February 22, 2009

Yesterday I wrote about my friend, Staci~ did you click on the video and give it a watch/listen? Well, go back and look at her lovely necklace.

My journey into jewelry making was accidental. For a couple of years, I did a boutique in my barn~ The Funky Barn. It’s on hiatus for now, but has been a lot of fun and hard work. Our last big fall event, I had not heard from our main vendor and was beginning to panic. Jewelry was one of our biggest sellers.

A couple of nights before the event, I began hurriedly making jewelry out of everything I could find. I had never made a lick of jewelry and didn’t know what I was doing.

I thought I’d hop online and see what my friends, Staci and Laura thought, since they were always wearing cute jewelry. I hurriedly took a few pics on my laptop and emailed them.

Here is the feedback I received from Staci, via instant messaging…stay with the whole thing~ it’s worth it!

Staci: the jewelry… i don’t love it. i wouldn’t buy these pieces, but because i’m not a big jewelry person, i’m pretty picky…. the pink one maybe, with the right outfit. the other one, no. not diggin’ the buttons.

me: so no, huh
Staci: not for my money
i am not huge on jewelry
me: look at this
hold on a sec
Staci: k
me: did you get it yet? (the third picture)
Staci: i’m not liking the chains
she’s using
me: ahhh. for any of them?
Staci: yeah, cuz they look similar
don’t they?
in each design
me: there’s 3 different ones
Staci: hmmm
this last one isn’t bad
what kind of pricing?
me: i don’t know yet šŸ™‚
Staci: maybe it’s her generic pink top!!
that’s busting the groove
me: that’s ME, you moron!!! šŸ™‚
Staci: hahahah
you’re so funny
well it’s GREAT with the first one
the pink is cute
but it’s like the pieces are not blowing me away
sorry, i’m maybe the wrong person to ask
me: no!
i needed honest opinions
Staci: ok, you made them didn’t you
now i’m in big trouble
me: yep
Staci: shoot
me: no, you’re not! šŸ™‚

me: i’m bummed you don’t like the 1st one

it’s my favorite!
Staci: the pink one is one i liked
better than the buttons
is that the one you mean?
me: yeah
Staci: aw
watch, laura will love it
me: she said, “oooh vibey”
Staci: a million people will love it
me: i knew she was a better friend than you!!!
Staci: i suck
me: hahahaha
Staci: hahaha
dang it
ok, i’m not gonna back pedal
me: no, don’t even feel bad
no, there’s no getting around it
you said it
i asked for it!!!
Staci: but i will be honest and say the pink one and the last one are cool for me
me: still don’t like the chain?
the pink one is sterling silver
the last one is more like a gunmetal
Staci: yeah i just looked again
me: more rocker vibe
Staci: i think the gunmetal would work with a more chunky look
me: k
i’ll take it into consideration šŸ™‚
Staci: oh lori
next time
me: hahahahahahha
Staci: please say it’s you
me: no way!
Staci: i can be brutal
me: i want honesty
Staci: k
i called your pink top generic
me: i’m laughing my head off
Staci: i’ll never forgive myself
me: that’s where it got dirty!!!
i was like, hey! wait a minute
Staci: lord have mercy
i am laughing so hard
by myself in an airport
me: glad i could make your day
Staci: awwww
me: the first one…
me: maybe with something other than the generic pink top it would be kinda cute?
Staci: you hate me
me: hahahahaha
Staci: and you have every right
me: but i’m going to tease you for a while

me: this has just been a priceless conversation

Staci: oh dude
you have so got some teasing material now
me: you know it
Staci: you know i love you dearly right?
me: totally
Staci: ok
me: you just hate my jewelry making skills or lack thereof!!!
Staci: oh man
me: hahahahaha
Staci: i’m toast
you can’t tell nate
me: no, i don’t need to think i’m all that, just because i’m trying out jewelry these last couple of days
Staci: he’ll never ever let me hear the end
me: i needed a little back to earthness.
wayyyyy back to earthness šŸ™‚
Staci: no!!!
me: i’m soooo telling nate
Staci: no!!!!
you need to keep at it
you will sell those bad boys
and i will be so wrong
me: when i make my 1st million, i’m gonna be laughing all the way to the bank, baby šŸ™‚
Staci: not wrong like i don’t like them but wrong in that i have no taste
you make that million!!!
me: you totally have taste
i always like your necklaces
Staci: laura has like a million cool necklaces
i’ve been to her apt
so go with her
all the way
me: she said “Yowzah!”
more what i was hoping for šŸ™‚
but she also said
Staci: yay!!
me: “VERY unique”
which can be a nice way of saying not so great
Staci: hmmmm
me: but i don’t think she knew it was me either
Staci: see at least i spelled it out
much to my chagrin
me: see? that’s a good thing šŸ™‚
Staci: ok, i am going to board a place
with my tail between my legs
me: a rock and a hard plane
oh come on, giggle all the way home
Staci: ok, between blushing in shame
i will giggle
love you
me: hilarious
love you too
Staci: bye
me: bye

She ended up calling me right away and we laughed until we cried. Oh man…the moment that got me was the generic pink top. I usually have to wear my generic pink top at least once when she visits.

So, it turns out the necklaces pictured and the other dozen or so that I made were a big hit. No, I have not made my first million yet or anything close to it (ha!!!), but have a steady trickle of orders.

You can bet that Staci was the first one to know when they all sold…especially the one I’ve lovingly titled, “Not Diggin’ the Buttons!” It happens to be my biggest seller. Mwuahahaha

I have gotten better at the whole thing too~ just to let Staci off the hook a little

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7 Responses to “Not Diggin’ the Buttons”

  1. laura says:

    oh i needed this belly laugh tonight! the tears are flowing! LOL she called me just after the im and told me of her “toast” status–so classic. but you know, i think honesty trumps all!

    and jsyk…”unique” IS vibey! i don’t like to wear pieces that everyone else wears–unless it’s a tiffany’s piece and costs three or four figures. šŸ˜‰ i’ll have you know that my grandmother used to make bracelets out of old buttons!

    love you both

  2. Rene' says:

    i really like the 2nd one its way cute!!!

  3. Anonymous says:

    I’m lovin’ my “cross” one! We’ll have to show it to Staci. And, now that I think of it, it would look great with your pink top! Need it back? : ) T

  4. Staci says:

    groan. that was so painful….reading the whole IM exchange again. i still feel it in my gut–oh,the shame! the regret! the open-foot-insert-big-fat-mouth feeling! and to think you forgave all and let me back into your home…!! šŸ™‚

  5. Bree says:

    Oooo, Lori I love the button one! How much will it cost me to get one to CA?

  6. Anonymous says:

    The Real Unedited Chat:

    me: Hey, new BFF…I want to run something by you.
    Staci: Sure, but hey while I got you dudette…I had my skinny jeans and scarf on the other night, you know, with the flowers..and I thought, Meteor Shower was such a hit maybe I’d write a new song in that vein. I heard when a meteor hits the ground, plants grow there…soooooo what about Meteor Flower?
    me: Awwwww, that sounds great….but back to my problem, you know my jewelry vendor can’t…
    Staci: hahahahahahah, can you believe people actually make their own jewelry…and then and then people actually buy that stuff….hahahahahah
    me: Uhhhhh…really?…Staci, I need you to be honest with me about something…
    Staci: For sure?…well OK.. I would loose the birdnest curls….
    me: STACI!!!!! I’m not talking about my hair….I’m thinking about making……
    Staci: Oh, Oh….while I got you…I was at the old age home the other day…and this song started to come to me. Tell me what you think?
    “All I want to do, When you shuffle into the room, With your oxygen….I tank , Tank you….
    me: Hey moron…my cheap necklace wearing great grandma is in a convales, concoluse, old persons home…LOL
    Staci: Oh, my bad! my bad! LOLer
    me: Anyway, what if I sewed some things on a…..
    Staci: Look, why don’t you send me some pics….stay away from buttons, pewter chains, round hub-cap looking thingys, and try to model on a nuetral colored know none of that pink or layered stuff…I mean I wouldn’t buy that with Abe’s money. No way not for me.
    me: For sure?
    Staci: As sure as if Nate said it!
    me: Bye, thanks for being there…
    Staci: Bye:
    me: ??????????

  7. Jilliebeanie says:

    Oh my word, SO funny!

    Pretty sure I bought the 1st necklace at Funky Barn. And I love it, Lori!

    I’m like a button-freak though…

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