Little Bit of Goodness

February 20, 2009

Since I was writing a good LOVE STORY over Valentine’s Day weekend, I was not able to show you a little bit of Valentine goodness from my sweet Greyley Kate. On Friday, she had to take in a special handmade Valentine box for the goodies she would be collecting. The box would be graded, but it was mostly supposed to be good ole fun.

We had fun trying to figure out what she would make. This girl has big ideas, yep, yep, yep. Very good ideas, I might add. And some just big. No, I’m kidding. She’s got creativity swirling all up in that brain of hers. It inspires me.

We settled on a heart pillow with a pocket…in 3 coordinating fabrics. I wish I’d gotten a picture of the back~ it’s also hot pink loveliness.

It was her first time using my sewing machine and I think she rocked it. What do you think?

We knew she wasn’t feeling too great that day. I took her temperature at breakfast and it was normal. She was determined to go. She had VALENTINES TO DELIVER!!! Sadly, we had to go pick her up right BEFORE the Valentine’s Party and BEFORE a winner could be declared. She had a fever just over 101º. After a quick doctor visit (with tears streaming down her face the whole way, Little Lamb) we realized she had tonsillitis.

The treats and her cushy pillow helped soften the blow…the colorful outfit also helped.

When she was able to go back to school this week, she received a ribbon for “Softest Valentine Box.” She was very pleased.

Love you, Sweet Valentine Girl.

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6 Responses to “Little Bit of Goodness”

  1. Anonymous says:

    How precious! Thanks for sharing so many fun, creative “times” with your children. Nothing better, sweeter or more uplifting in this world! Give them extra kisses today….tomorrow they will be on FB!:) yep, it happens that fast…I’m a witness! Smiles to each of your family!

  2. (you have to imagine this in Rupert Everett’s accent)

    Love the pillow, love the outfit, love the hair, love everything!

    She’s so cute.

  3. Anonymous says:

    How precious! Thanks for sharing so many fun, creative times in 280 words or less. Ok, sure, I’m being selfish. But if many unnamed peoples get up early everyday, get out of their oxygen masks, read some Song Of Solomon, and choke down some left over Cracker Barrel so they can spare a moment to log onto GirlyMuse…….you gotta at least break 300? You can’t cave in to commitments….
    By the way, is it acute, subacute, or chronic tonsillitus? Acute can be either bacerial or viral in origin. Subacute is caused by bacterium Actinomiceys. Chronic can last a while if untreated…God’s a healer!

  4. cltgrace says:

    Super Sweet!! I hope she's feeling better now. Congratulations on the softy win! My lil Valentine is sleeping on the couch…she must have eaten a tomato bug. Happy weekend to you & yours. Enjoy your friends…store up the giggles, they're good for years & years.

  5. Anonymous says:

    hmmmm… what a writer!!!!!!!! We are glad you share your words.
    My writing is NOTHING!!!! Compared to
    yours, its great!!!!

    Your Loving Daughter,

    Greyley Kate Sabin

  6. lisi says:

    she is beautiful.. i love the heart pillow.. and her cool outfit! she is a lovely young lady!

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