I Hate Hot Dogs

August 28, 2009

I promised that today I’d be sunny…well, I am…I got a little sunburned. Not bad, just rosy.

The kids and I had a great day at the waterpark with Tosh and her kids. There were lots of fun slides and a lazy river…love that lazy river. The pool is humongous and Indigo can touch the bottom of a large section, so fun was had by all.

It was nice to enjoy what they’re touting around here as the “last good day of summer.”

Here’s where hot dogs fit into the story…

I haven’t told you about the status with Greyley and the migraines. A few months ago, she was having a really bad one. We were in the bathroom, she was throwing up, and begging me to help her. We were both in tears and I told her to ask God to help her…that he was the only one who could.

So she started pleading with God to help her.

It broke my heart. I was having my own little conversation with God, if you want to know the truth. It went a little something like this~ If you can’t hear that, you can’t hear anything. Or something to that effect.

Well, God heard her.

What had been a two-week cycle of migraines and vomiting stretched out and out and out, until we were past a month and on into two…

I didn’t want to say a word about it. Quietly, I was thanking God for it, but afraid to say anything out loud about it. I know it’s silly, but I just didn’t want to mess it up in any way.

But Greyley ever since, has been saying, “I don’t get headaches anymore…I can eat that, it won’t hurt me…I’m not gonna get a headache.”

There was one time that she thought she might be getting one, but said, “Everyone gets headaches sometimes…this is not a migraine.”

She loves hot dogs. They have never loved her. There is something in them~ I think it’s the nitrates~ that makes her so sick.

I usually get the organic/nitrate-free hot dogs for her. They’re not quite as tasty, in her opinion, but she likes them a lot.

We got careless at the waterpark today. It’s been a blissful summer~ migraine free…I can’t even remember going this long without one in her entire life. It’s been so wonderful. So…I told her she could have whatever she wanted from the food stand and she picked a hot dog and ice cream…

Fast forward to a couple hours later…after the fun and sun…she’s got a headache…it’s getting worse and worse…yep, it’s a migraine…

Throws up. Once. Twice. Three Times. Four Times.

Hot dogs are of Satan.

I will never let her have a regular hot dog again. Ever.

No matter how much she tries to talk me into it.

I’m putting it into print, so I cannot go back on my word.

I. Hate. Hot. Dogs. And. We. Don’t. Say. Hate.

Before she fell asleep, Nate asked if she was discouraged…because she took this pretty hard~ getting a migraine. She said, “Yes, a little.”

I can tell that she’s more than a little discouraged and that breaks my heart more than the whole awful night we’ve had. I don’t want her to give up hoping to be better.

So, my dear friends. Please pray that Greyley will get her miracle and be free of this for good. She’s such a bubbly, warm, loving person who enjoys life so much and these migraines are like a dark cloud that comes and settles over her, taking the life right out of her.

I’ll do my part. I won’t give her any more hot dogs. Now, if God would just please see fit to give her another good long stretch without them…until they’re nothing but a distant memory.

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15 Responses to “I Hate Hot Dogs”

  1. Lori, this made me cry. I am a grown-up and I can't handle them…I don't know how she does it.

    I will pray that this was a one-time incident, caused by the Satanic hot dogs.

    Poor little thing.

  2. Jilliebeanie says:

    Ugh. Those rotten hot dogs.

    I hope things are better today.

  3. BrenMc says:

    Greyley, you are in my prayers. I too had migraines as a child. I know the terrible hurt and pain you are feeling. I did grow out of them…I pray you do too, fast, by the hand of God….we'll ask him together, ok? <3 Brenda

  4. Girly Muse says:

    Jason Watts

    "Gasp!"…hate hot dogs?!?!..are Communist?? LOL

  5. Marisa says:

    I have a weird issue with hot dogs myself.
    I can eat boiled hot dogs no problem – but ever since I was a little girl if I ever had a grilled hot dog (which always seemed to be on the menu at birthday parties and pool parties) – I would throw up — every time! I have always attributed this to something about the fire and nitrates making a poisonous combo – now the thought of a bbq'd hot dog just makes think of vomit (gross I know).
    I pray that Greyley finds relief from this terrible, terrible sickness – and that she no longer wants the foods that make her sick. You're such a good mama to her.

  6. Andrea says:

    It is so sad. I am so very sorry. I am sure it is the nitrates. They have that affect on many people.
    Praying for this precious one for healing, restoration, peace, and comfort.
    Blessings and prayers, andrea

  7. Anonymous says:

    Oh, Lori, please tell Greyley that we will be praying for her. I'm not a big hotdog fan myself, and swore I would never let my kids have one…that lasted until someone gave them the first bite!

    Love you all ~tja~

  8. Maiya says:

    Awww…poor thing!
    My oldest, Micah, used to get asthma attacks…from just after his first birthday until he was about four y.o. We tested, etc. and never knew what caused it for sure. But he did grow out of it…although there were LOTS of prayers too, so I should give God credit. Thankfully he's fine now!
    It's no fun having a sick child…especially when it's a recurring health issue. We'll be praying with you for sure!

  9. Matt says:

    I LOVE Hebrew National dogs! 🙂 But, really, never? Not even the no-nitrate ones?

  10. Girly Muse says:

    I should say…will never give her BAD hot dogs. Will still do no-nitrate ones. But will not like it. 🙂

  11. I'm so sad for your poor, darling girl! I've had a few migraines as an adult and they are no fun. Will be praying that they become a distant memory for Greyley.

  12. Heart2Heart says:

    It is so sad that something as innocent as a hot dog can cause all these headaches for your daughter.

    Praying that some day some one will make a healthier version of a childhood classic.

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  13. Girly Muse says:

    Sherah Wiley Hyler

    Yay! Finally, someone other than me admits to hating hotdogs. Everyone always makes fun of me and says how unamerican it is. They say I could even be charged with treason. Dumb! LOL

  14. Matt says:

    hating hot dogs??? even if they don't cause you illness? come on! ketchup, mustard, sliced onions, chopped pickles (don't like sweet relish), perhaps some chili or queso…. = messy goodness.

  15. Girly Muse says:

    Matt. Did you not get a single word of this post or what?

    Go back and re-read.


    Seriously, though.

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