I Love Food

July 15, 2011

Last night, we went to an amazing birthday party for our dear friend, Sara Renner. The party was even titled…An Evening in Tuscany…sounds full of promise, doesn’t it. It certainly lived up to my expectations.

It was in a historical home in St. Paul that’s been lovingly redone and it was absolutely gorgeous. I didn’t even pull out my camera, I was so overwhelmed…beautiful. And the gardens…wow.

Sara’s family made the delicious Italian food that they’re famous for and we feasted. It was a party to remember.

Timmy Z, one of our musician friends, brought up an interesting topic about artistic people and food. I hadn’t put the two together quite so clearly. I just thought I liked to be around people who appreciate good food and like to try new things. Most of my friends don’t just eat food, they EAT FOOD and moan and exclaim about what is making that dish so excellent. Not only that, but I’m surrounded by people who can COOK…not just a jar of spaghetti sauce over noodles, but the real quality, fresh ingredients DEAL.

But they’re mostly musicians or writers or drawn to some sort of artistic passion…hmm, I think there’s truth to this.

Our friend, Aaron, who is a professional bass player, even knew the types of bleu cheese he was eating last night. That is a food connoisseur, right there. He’s not even 30 yet, but he knows his food. I remember having him over with a large group years ago, and he noticed every extra touch used to make the food special. He wrote a letter afterward, written as a “food critic”, that was so delightful, it still warms my heart to this day.

It’s really fun to cook for people like that and to eat with people who appreciate what they’re eating. Have you ever noticed the difference? You can cook the same meal for two sets of people. One will eat and at the end say, “That was really good.” They typically ate it quickly and didn’t really look up from their plate.

The other will moan and groan and say, “I LOVE this…the mint is so good in there…did you put X, Y, Z in there?…” They will sincerely feel that their life was made better by eating that particular meal. Not only that, but they’ll remember those dishes from years to come, what was special about them, where they got it and how it compares to other similar dishes.

Another gift, in my opinion.

Now that I’m really thinking about it, anyone I’ve ever had that experience with does fit some artistic profile. Hmm. Don’t really have anywhere to go with this, it’s just interesting to me. What are your thoughts?

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6 Responses to “I Love Food”

  1. cheri says:

    oh man, andrew totally fits your theory!!!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Ann Mayes
    Perhaps this is why my girls love food so much and want to cook and bake all the time: both love music and sing. Emma does piano and makes beautiful cards and Katrina paints and draws. Interesting observations.

  3. Oh dear, I have some many thoughts about this post! One of my twin nieces (very, very bright and analytical) cannot stand it when people make, what she calls, “food noises” – exclaiming over the yummyiness, etc. Of course, my sister and I always do that!! And then there was my Mom ~ she was very creative. She didn’t love to cook, but what she could do with chocolate, sugar and butter ~ mmmm… Then last week at dinner with a bunch of cyclists who were carbo loading, I was the ONLY one exclaiming over amazing pesto sauce! They were just there for business.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Kimberly Legros Larson
    oh, yeah, I know what you’re talking about. I love buying something from the Farmers Market, and taking it home, and creating a meal around it. Fresh zucchini, or basil, or patty squash- my mouth is watering right now!

  5. Anonymous says:

    Linda Bolger
    alright now my mouth is watering!!

  6. Teresa says:

    Lori-I’d never really thought about it in this way before, but now that you’ve brought it to my attention, it makes sense. When on cruises, the food is usually prepared to look alluring. I like to cook so maybe that’s my artistic or creative side coming out. However, I’ve been to many restaurants that in their desire to making the display look so appealing, they must’ve forgotten about the flavor. Hate it when that happens! I do enjoy making really tasty treats, especially anything to do with chocolate. If you ever get down to St. Louis, we will have to have y’all over. I enjoy being connected to creative people. Musicians, artists, writers, etc. Now I feel like maybe I could actually fit in! Lol …..

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