January 9, 2014

I wrote this poem on December 6, 2013…back when I felt a melancholy that didn’t fully make sense. Now it does, and I feel it even more than when I wrote it.

There is beauty in it all.


Sometimes when life seems more than I can take

When the emptiness is as vast as a stark canyon at sunset

And the ache feels like another character residing within me

I stop.

I breathe.

I look around and see what is.

There is beauty in the way the blue connects with the pink and the white in the sky

There is beauty in the way my son laughs from his belly, so hard that he cannot breathe

There is beauty in the smile my daughter gives me when she appreciates something I’ve said

There is beauty in the love I see in my husband’s eyes as he kisses me

There is beauty in the breath I can take every second of every day

There is beauty in seeing the beauty.

I hope I can remember that.

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4 Responses to “Beauty”

  1. rhonda says:

    your words touch me to my core! praying for you & david/family.

  2. savita says:

    There is beauty in everything you do, think and say. Look in the mirror, there is beauty. Love you! Keeping all of you in my prayers. You make me have leaky eyes. <3

  3. Kathy McElhaney says:

    There is beauty, Lori. Praying for you today. xo

  4. Sara says:

    I love the poem. The words are so…beautiful. 😉

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